OMG Liza Dora

As soon as the resident said it, he knew he’d made a mistake. In a few months it’ll be a year, but I still remember the look on his face. The ER doctor poked his head in the door. He asked what the ophthalmology resident on call thought it was. Carcinoma he said. So off-hand. […]

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About Me


So, I guess you could say this is the long version… I’m Liza. I’m married to my high school sweetheart who used to play professional basketball overseas and is a giant. As I alluded to earlier, we’re from the same hometown otherwise we’d have never met because I am what people affectionately refer to as […]

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Ghosts Liza Dora

I don’t know what it is about turning thirty but it’s something. Some publication just said the 30’s have now gone from the happiest to the unhappiest decade. It’s hard not to wonder, when you live in a culture that idolizes youth, when do you start losing value? I still think a lot about different […]

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I Married You

I married You Liza Dora

The baby is crying and I’m cooking dinner. The dog is barking at his shadow, or possibly a butterfly flapping its wings in China. The trash can is overflowing and I’ve asked you to empty it four times. I drop an eggshell onto the floor and suddenly, it’s a standoff between three parties. We all […]

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The Invisible Boy

The Invisible Boy Liza Dora

My daughter was born on Halloween. I “technically” picked this for her birthday since I was having a C-section. My though process was this: 1. Fun Parties 2. GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME, RIGHT NOW. Last week we were all trucking through the chaotic abyss that was Target before Halloween, and I heard a […]

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A Teacher’s Story


It was 9:40, the night before we give our science standardized test. My phone rang and on the other end was a normally booming voice, subdued and wet with grief. “Coach”. I hung up the phone in disbelief. She said her father, a high-ranking member of the local church, had been called out to her […]

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Bathtime in Black and White


I kneel next to the bathtub and gently rinse the soap from your hair. You stick foam numbers to the side of the tub and then splash them off. I empty the conditioner bottle onto your head, because Daddy let you nap with your hair out and it curls and twirls and twists itself up […]

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Girl Momma by Liza Dora

I get it, you’re new. That sounds strange to you still. Girl momma. You see the #BoyMomma hashtag all the time. You identified with it, and this—this is so new. It’s ok if you’re a little scared. It is different. Your boys are growing up in a world where they will likely make more money […]

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Just, Thank You


I don’t know when I started apologizing. I know, even now, as a mom, it was one of the first things I taught my daughter to do. To say sorry. If you hurt someone, physically or emotionally, you have to say sorry. I believe in that. I believe in the power of a sincere apology. […]

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What Your Child Did For Mine


A friend shared your Facebook page with me. I saw in the top photo a date. Your daughter had already passed. I was late. I read your most recent post. It was written to be light but a heaviness hung in the spaces between sentences. I scrolled to the bottom of your page and began […]

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  I’ve always been an optimist—I can’t help it. There were times I wanted to wear flannel shirts and stand slumped like Claire Danes in My So-Called Life. That persona seemed so mysterious and alluring. I wanted to be the brooding-writer and the complicated girl who just needed someone to care, but… …I’m not. I’ve […]

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A Week Ago Today

A Week Ago Today Liza Dora

Today felt really normal didn’t it? You carried around your elephant and made it eat the couch. We read books. We baked bread. Before lunch we played outside. You waved hello to birds and chased butterflies, singing out confidently “I got it, I got it”, even though you never did. You lay quietly for a […]

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Baby. Birds.

Baby Birds Liza Dora

As soon as I had my daughter, the questions began. Seriously, the kid still had afterbirth smudges and well-meaning nurses, family members, friends, strangers started to ask if I was ready for a second child. “Do you want another one?” Another what? Another Norco? Yes, please. “Are you ready to get started on the next […]

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Dear The Movies,

Dear the Movies Liza Dora

I watch a lot of you (movies). In fact, I LOVE you. I love exchanging a few hours of my life to hear/see/watch/experience a story. I’m all about diving into another world and will, like most people, happily suspend belief to experience a well-told story but… I have a few concerns: 1. Why did you […]

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An Intervention for Mommy Bloggers

No Nose No Problem

*Liza enters. Sits down. Takes out a letter. Unfolds. Reads.* Dear Mommy Bloggers, as you may have already guessed this is an intervention. I say this with love as a sometimes mommy blogger myself—you (we) have a (few) problem(s). 1. Let’s cool it with the wine jokes. Sparingly they can be funny, if a little […]

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