20 Times I Needed to Say “Thank You” to my Brother

Thank you for playing games I made up on the front porch when we were little, even when they involved hitting each other’s ankles with broomsticks.

Thank you for playing Legos for hours on the floor of the breakfast nook.

Thank you for joining the band I made up, when it became apparent I wasn’t going to be very cool in school.

Thank you for letting me hang out with you and your friends and play games that I was supposed to be “too old for”.

Thank you for sticking the finger at a group of college guys that yelled at me on the beach when I was just 15.

birthdayThank you for trusting me to cut your hair the day before you started 9th grade, even though it was a disaster

Thank you for never mentioning how much cooler than me you already were by the 10th.

Thank you for being the only one at my 16th “birthday party”, and staying home to play the Legend of Zelda until midnight even though you could’ve “had plans”.

Thank you for always making me laugh and understanding how easy it was for you to make me cry.

Thank you for remembering the words to all the songs we sang on the way to the beach.

Thank you for always talking to me after your football games even when there was a line of girls.Thank you for having lunch with me in college, so I wouldn’t have to eat alone.

Thank you for dancing so well at my wedding that no one noticed how bad I was.nicster

Thank you for the way you treat my daughter, even though she’s bound to be as weird as I am.

Thank you for loving her the way you’ll love your own kids someday.uncle

Thank you for calling me and singing Happy Birthday in voices of rockstars from the early 2000’s.

Thank you for thinking that I’m talented and encouraging me to try new things.

Thank you for letting me run ideas passed you before I put them on paper, even though I didn’t tell you about this one.

Thank you for being a line into my past and being a rope to pull me back out when I need it.

Thank you for letting me call you my best friend when you already have four.

And thank you, the very most, for changing your life so we could keep you.


I love you, Nicster.

(Watch out for seagulls.)seagulls-port-aransas

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