21 Day Sugar Detox: Days 2-5


You can start from Day 1 here. I did.

Day 2: I wasn’t hungry. At all. I think my gastrointestinal system is sad.

Day 3: I drove most of the day so I could film something for “Listen to Your Mother” on SA Live, a variety show on KSAT12. I stopped and got a Topo Chico and some pistachios on the way. By the way, there’s a large recall on pistachios because of Salmonella I wasn’t aware of until this evening. “I’m one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” Who wants to watch The Devil Wears Prada?

Day 4: I almost ate a piece of a muffin. I was cleaning up LBD’s snack plate and I raised it to my mouth before I caught myself. I am positive I do this all the time. A hand full of pretzels here, a half a cookie there, a few stray socks, the remote for the big TV… I think all moms have become a “mindless grazing garbage disposal” at some point. Although it’s a good way to cut down on laundry and television, I’m thinking it is a silent weight-loss saboteur.

Day 5: I look skinnier and possibly my skin is sort of glow-ey. Not entirely sure, though, because I have a monster headache and there are four of me in the mirror. Damn you sugar headache. Maybe, I can get one of the four Liza’s to go wash the dishes for me?

sugar detox liza dora

(About half as much hair.)

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