Doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 1


If you are here because you “googled” 21 Day Sugar Detox, I’d like to go ahead and apologize. I will likely fail horribly at this. I love sugar and sugar loves me. It is perhaps my most stable relationship. But the stars have aligned, and I’m going to go 21 days without it.

The optimum conditions presented themselves when I contracted a head cold that affected my sense of smell. When you can’t smell, you are less inclined to taste. In the midst of this head cold, I accidentally went a few days without my drug of choice. (Sugar is my drug of choice. Don’t read too much into the fact I felt the need to clarify that.)

The second determining factor was, twice in a row, I had bad chai lattes from Starbucks. The first, I believed to be a mistake by the barista in which she included some Oprah in my chai. While I happen to be a huge Oprah fan, I need her to stay out of my drinks and also to taste less like cinnamon. The second chai tasted just a bit “off” and could have easily been my imagination, a head cold, or the fact that the barista kept making weird throat noises I could hear over the sound of several blenders and milk steamers. Either way—it just didn’t taste good.

So, here we are. The basis of this detox is that I will not have sugar for the next 21 days. I am making the following exceptions:


  1. I’m going to eat fruit. Shut up.


  1. I’m still having honey in my tea morning and night. Hot tea is instrumental in me remaining a productive member of human society and not turning into a White Walker from GOT.


  1. I will be having cows milk in my tea for the same reason. Also, please don’t tell me that almond milk is the same as cow’s milk. I can name at least 8 striking differences between almonds and cows.


Now that we have the important logistics out of the way, I present to you…

Day 1: Things got Pinterest-ing and I made a cucumber salad. It looked incredibly refreshing and was full of fresh dill and “splashes” of vinegar. I let it sit in the fridge for an hour and upon opening, I realized something that should have been apparent as I read the ingredients. My husband came over to scowl at my salad. “Since when do you like pickles?”

FUN LIZA FACT #1: I hate pickles.

The good news is that I have fallen deeply in love with Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water. It makes me feel fancy and you can get 4 for $5. Chia Lattes cost $5 (possibly due to their high Oprah content). It is quite possible I will save money doing this 21 day detox if I can refrain from making foods I already know I hate.

*This is not a sponsored post. In fact, I’m fairly sure Perrier wouldn’t want to be associated with me. I still have family members who haven’t made their minds up yet.


Read Days 2-5 here.

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