21 Day Sugar Detox: Days 6-13

You can catch Part 1 here and part 2 here, if you have enough non-sugar energy to actually move.

Day 6: As long as I don’t look at Pinterest, TV, or my Starbucks app–I’m invincible.

Day 7: I’m not hungry. At all. Perhaps I’ve begun photosynthesis.

Day 8: Can no longer sleep. Perhaps the part of my body now dedicated to making chlorophyl is concerned by the lack of sunlight.

Day 9: Headache.

Day 10: Getting skinnier. Also, meaner. And I ate a half of a chocolate chip cookie. Damn you, Jolie.

Day 11: Didn’t eat until the afternoon, then had a salad like a boss. After dinner, walked to the bakery across from the restaurant and had a Nutella macaron. Sorry, not sorry.

Day 12: Back on track. Drank my weight in sparkling mineral water. Made many stops on the drive back.

Day 13: Only lost .5 lbs. Dammit, macaron. Also, I should probably stop pretending that me stress-pacing around the living room over my first draft is exercise.


Read Days 14-21 here.


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