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***UPDATE: This donation is NOW CLOSED! We met our GOAL and donated 130 books!***

I was approached a few months ago by the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Orange County. It’s always fun to see where my books end up, but when I received an email from the Executive Director of MDAOC I was especially excited. She’d purchased Is Lena Pretty? from an online auction I’d donated to in support of a young girl with leukemia. Is Lena Pretty? has been embraced by so many different groups of people and I usually oscillate between feelings of awe and absolute joy when I think about a little book I wrote for my daughter and how many people it has touched. But back to my story…

The Executive Director thought the book would be something kids attending MDA Summer Camp would enjoy. She loved the message and after looking into the organization and the summer camp, I was smitten. She asked if I’d be willing to donate signed copies to campers for the upcoming year. In true Liza fashion, I agreed immediately because I wanted to help these sweet kiddos and I like to believe if you want to do good things that good finds a way. But, of course, I had no idea how I would be able to afford such a large donation.

A few months later (i.e. this week) panic set in and I started talking to my friends. After consulting the Big 3, they all said the same thing: “Liza, why don’t you just ask for help?”

Gah! Aren’t friends the best? <3

So, of course, they’ve agreed to help, and to ask their friends to help, and now–this is me asking you. I’ve talked to my publisher and I can get books at $9 (which will cover the cost of the book, shipping to me, and then shipping on to my friends in the O.C.). I’ve included a special section in my store for book donations. My goal is 130 books. They had a record 120 campers last year and hope to have a few more this year.

You guys have already done so much for me, with book purchases and just overall support and I can’t promise you I won’t ask for more, but please help me help these kids. I really, really want to.

Yours In Good,


This DONATION link is NOW CLOSED! We met our GOAL!


***This DONATION link is NOW CLOSED! We met our GOAL!***


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