Friends Like These…

Every 3-4 months for the last five years I’ve traveled to the best cancer hospital in the world.  In the first few years my husband and/or dad went to every appointment. As the diagnosis became reality, I started to make the trip alone. But I’ve never really been alone.  There’s a text message that goes […]

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Coaches’ Wives

‪When your husband is a coach you hear different stories. The ones not in the social media videos. The ones that don’t make the articles. The stories aren’t always flashy. They don’t always have a happy ending or make for a great sound bite. Sometimes they’re tough to hear. Some stories are so hard they […]

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Heroes by Liza Dora

Available Now Discover what makes someone a hero with a look at the everyday heroes that impact our lives. A positive reminder to children looking for heroes, that sometimes, we don’t have to look any further than our own front door. A charmingly illustrated picture book, perfect for boys and girls 0-9 years old. A […]

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Black and Brown Moms

My husband was gone last week for work. Two things happen when he’s away. I turn the house into a giant mousetrap style maze for buglers. My 6YO daughter sleeps in bed with me. I don’t sleep much when she sleeps with me. She’s long and tends to kick. I know the time together is […]

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Best Friend


My girl’s kindergarten field trip was rescheduled for today. Last night before bed we talked about school buses. She’s never ridden one before and she was worried she wouldn’t know the rules. I assured her they would be stated and that her teacher was nice and wouldn’t let her forget.  I kissed her and turned […]

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A Little Sick


She’s sick. A virus, most likely. She never complains, so when she does–I know it’s bad. She wants me to lay with her. To stroke her braids and tell her she’ll feel better soon. She says a little boy in her class was “dismithed” today because he had a headache, too. Her daddy gives up […]

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Preorder Liza’s First Novel

Three things happened in Houston the fall of 1950, when King girls moved home: the bones of a factory, the width of an entire city block, disappeared without a witness or a trace; every coma patient on the 7th floor of Memorial Hospital suddenly awoke; and Lena Bea King, Light Incarnate, Defender of the Galaxies, […]

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MD Anderson Trip: A Stupid Long Essay

If you want to know what a normal person’s day going to one of the biggest (and best, in my opinion) cancer centers in the world is like–MD Anderson totally has a website. If you want to know what my trips are like–read on… 11:20AM Dropped off at the airport by one of my husband’s […]

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You started crawling two days before your first birthday. Your sister was running by then. Holding things. Had I not spent enough time with you? She takes most of my time and you were so content to cling to my chest and watch. You still won’t hold your bottle. You can, but you won’t. Other […]

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“Old” Friends


I was a head coach at 22 and I loved it. The kids were funny, sweet, and caught up in that weird in-between space that happens in high school — being a kid and an almost grown-up at the same time. They were amazing. And a constant reminder of how much I thought I knew […]

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Coaches rent. The big-timers buy, but the younger coaches, the newer coaches — rent. You rent because each job is temporary. You rent because it’s what you can afford. You rent because you leave. We moved to Lubbock when my daughter was three months old. She caught her first cold in Lubbock. She took her […]

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Good Boy

I could’ve lied to her. This is her first big death. We’ve killed our share of plants and fishes, but this guy was here when she got here. He let her crawl over his back and tolerated her slappy toddler pets. I’m convinced he was the first to know I was pregnant. He would press […]

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Only Child


She’s seen me sick so often. And so often, with me, pregnant looks so sick. She brings her Kindle and her headphones into bed, because she knows I sleep lightly. She tucks herself in next to me and I let her, even though I’m burning up. “Are you asleep yet, Momma?” she asks. Her whisper […]

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