Praying for You


My husband routinely prays before each meal. I am usually knee deep in spaghetti by the time I take notice and join in. Our daughter will clasp her hands and watch him as he prays. When he says “Amen”, she shouts it and joins me in the sauce-y depths. I have long journeyed in my […]

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Doing A 21 Day Sugar Detox: Days 14-21

21 day sugar detox liza dora

Or, “Why Eating Salad Makes You Better Than Everyone Else.” If you missed the first three posts they are here, here, and here. Day 14: Doesn’t thinking “half-way thru” pretty much always make you want to quit? Also, I can no longer do math. Day 15: Starting to suspect that I am, in fact, evolving […]

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Tomorrow by Liza Dora

I take pride in being a citizen of the world. I start my morning with a slew of online publications and I update constantly throughout the day. I marvel at working conditions in Holland and worry over viruses in South America. The world is a big, beautiful place. I dream about showing my daughter the […]

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21 Day Sugar Detox: Days 6-13

sugar detox

You can catch Part 1 here and part 2 here, if you have enough non-sugar energy to actually move. Day 6: As long as I don’t look at Pinterest, TV, or my Starbucks app–I’m invincible. Day 7: I’m not hungry. At all. Perhaps I’ve begun photosynthesis. Day 8: Can no longer sleep. Perhaps the part […]

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On Buckets and Lists


In May of 2012, I quit my job. I was a teacher and a coach at a great school. I was making around $56K a year and living comfortably in a nice apartment, without a car payment, and a boyfriend who I only saw three times a year. Even now, looking back, there are days […]

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21 Day Sugar Detox: Days 2-5


You can start from Day 1 here. I did. Day 2: I wasn’t hungry. At all. I think my gastrointestinal system is sad. Day 3: I drove most of the day so I could film something for “Listen to Your Mother” on SA Live, a variety show on KSAT12. I stopped and got a Topo […]

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Doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 1


If you are here because you “googled” 21 Day Sugar Detox, I’d like to go ahead and apologize. I will likely fail horribly at this. I love sugar and sugar loves me. It is perhaps my most stable relationship. But the stars have aligned, and I’m going to go 21 days without it. The optimum […]

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Girls Are Magic


You were watching a cartoon yesterday, some innocuous thing, and a character flicked her wand. Sparks shot from the end and she changed the world around her. I was folding clothes when you asked what it was. “Magic,” I said and you inched closer to the TV. “Girls are magic,” you whispered and I caught my breath. […]

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Valentine’s Day

Liza Dora Valentine's Day

Last year on Feb 14th I got a package in the mail. It was a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. They were beautiful and sweet and they weren’t from my husband. When I was 21 and in college I hardly dated. I’m a terrible dater. I’m an asshole when I’m nervous and the only times I’ve […]

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“Is She His?”

Is She His? by Liza Dora

It’s not OK to insinuate I cheated on my husband. It’s not OK to ask if she’s really his. I know you’re not funny. It’s become obvious in the last 15 seconds. But let’s think about a more appropriate way to break the ice. Something less private, like how much money we make or possibly […]

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Pre-Pregnancy Wait


T’was the week before Christmas and I yelled at an old lady in a public bathroom. In my defense, we were 2.5 hours into our trip to south Texas and I’d just read a story about a lady trying to steal a baby from a mother in a Kohl’s restroom. No, I didn’t have my […]

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Is Lena Pretty Donations


I was approached a few months ago by the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Orange County. It’s always fun to see where my books end up, but when I received an email from the Executive Director of MDAOC I was especially excited. She’d purchased Is Lena Pretty? from an online auction I’d donated to in support […]

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‘Uh-Oh They’re Here’: The Toddler Years


Due to the fact that Lifetime and various Discovery Channels still make shows about ghosts and haunted houses, I’m going to assume I’m not the only one watching them. While I’m loyal in my viewership, I doubt the sporadic TV watching I’ve done since becoming a parent is keeping these shows afloat. These quality television […]

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Liza Dora 2015

There are two times everyone looks back and reflects on their life. One is their birthday, and one is the last day of the year. Yes, I’m leaving off the deathbed one, because if dying is anything like getting prepped for a C-Section I will be hugging an elderly nurse, trying to recite the names […]

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