Back to School


I know she cries a lot without me. Please be patient with her. She’s used to being held close. After a week of crying about my diagnosis a year ago, I picked her up and I’m not sure I ever put her back down. How could I? With her ready smile, her dancing eyes, her […]

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LTYM and the Rebirth of a “PaperGirl”

When I saw the open call for the San Antonio incarnation of “Listen To Your Mother”, I decided to give it a shot. On the day of the auditions, I tripped as I walked through the door. I literally “stumbled in off the street”. When I was called back, I talked so much that the […]

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White Friends: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Hashtag

This is why “Black Lives Matter” I know your hearts. I know that you feel like you don’t know what to say. I know you love your black neighbors, your co-workers, your friends. I know you pray for them. I know you just wish everyone would get along, but this is what you’re not getting […]

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The Thing About Giants

I wasn’t always sure I wanted to be a mom, but he was always sure he wanted to be a dad. He went to every appointment with me when we got pregnant. (Yes, “we”. It was a joint venture.) He was the first to hold her. The first to change her diaper. The first to […]

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My Daughter IS My Best Friend

“Don’t be friends with your kids.” “Don’t be a friend. Be a parent.” “I’m not your friend, I’m your mom.” Did you nod? Sure. Me, too. Before I had a kid. Before I spent close to every waking minute willing another human to survive and duct taping cushions to everything in our house. Before I […]

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Tell Her

I will liza dora

I put her in her bed early tonight, because I’m tired and potty training is hard. I got in the bath and scrolling through Facebook, I read a post about a little boy whose eyes began to cross and his mothers lost him after a year. Again I thanked God that cancer happened to me […]

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Let Them Be Little

It’s starting to happen more often, now. A judgment made that she’s too old to be in diapers. The expectation that she has any concept of age or enough motor control to hold up two specific fingers on command from a stranger. I had an uncle who had to bring his birth certificate to every […]

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Praying for You


My husband routinely prays before each meal. I am usually knee deep in spaghetti by the time I take notice and join in. Our daughter will clasp her hands and watch him as he prays. When he says “Amen”, she shouts it and joins me in the sauce-y depths. I have long journeyed in my […]

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Doing A 21 Day Sugar Detox: Days 14-21

21 day sugar detox liza dora

Or, “Why Eating Salad Makes You Better Than Everyone Else.” If you missed the first three posts they are here, here, and here. Day 14: Doesn’t thinking “half-way thru” pretty much always make you want to quit? Also, I can no longer do math. Day 15: Starting to suspect that I am, in fact, evolving […]

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Tomorrow by Liza Dora

I take pride in being a citizen of the world. I start my morning with a slew of online publications and I update constantly throughout the day. I marvel at working conditions in Holland and worry over viruses in South America. The world is a big, beautiful place. I dream about showing my daughter the […]

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21 Day Sugar Detox: Days 6-13

You can catch Part 1 here and part 2 here, if you have enough non-sugar energy to actually move. Day 6: As long as I don’t look at Pinterest, TV, or my Starbucks app–I’m invincible. Day 7: I’m not hungry. At all. Perhaps I’ve begun photosynthesis. Day 8: Can no longer sleep. Perhaps the part […]

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On Buckets and Lists


In May of 2012, I quit my job. I was a teacher and a coach at a great school. I was making around $56K a year and living comfortably in a nice apartment, without a car payment, and a boyfriend who I only saw three times a year. Even now, looking back, there are days […]

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21 Day Sugar Detox: Days 2-5


You can start from Day 1 here. I did. Day 2: I wasn’t hungry. At all. I think my gastrointestinal system is sad. Day 3: I drove most of the day so I could film something for “Listen to Your Mother” on SA Live, a variety show on KSAT12. I stopped and got a Topo […]

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Doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 1


If you are here because you “googled” 21 Day Sugar Detox, I’d like to go ahead and apologize. I will likely fail horribly at this. I love sugar and sugar loves me. It is perhaps my most stable relationship. But the stars have aligned, and I’m going to go 21 days without it. The optimum […]

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